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Ultrasonic Hydrafacial Nano

  • Ultrasonic Hydrafacial Nano

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What it is: Also commonly referred to as skin spatulas, ultrasonic skin scrubbers are devices that use high-frequency to collect dirt and oil from pores.

What Else You Need to Know: A gentler hydrafacial microderm treatment for your skin. This revolutionary device is especially great for those who don’t respond well to other exfoliation methods, such as scrubs, brushes, or chemical peels. And ideal for those with sensitive, over-reactive, rosacea-prone, or acneic skin

Ultrasonic Microderm vs Diamond Microderm

Microdermabrasion is a cult classic for deep exfoliation, it uses crystals or a diamond tip, plus negative pressure vacuum suction which can cause redness and can dilate or break capillaries depending on how sensitive someone’s skin is.

- Deep cleanses skin
- Exfoliates skin
- Shrinks the appearance of pores
- Improves skin texture and tone
- Gentler than other forms of exfoliation

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